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So I am finally a somewhat adult and I’ll try to put some sort of positive spin on it (and probably fail). Something was suppose to change like Sixteen Candles, or maybe I would just feel entirely content. I have no idea why the media chose adulthood as a goal to project in my mind. I have no idea why I bought into it. I feel the same as I was when I was seven just laden with more nihilism. I wish I had better news for all of you, but I don’t. In fact, the week following my birthday has been quite terrible. I spent my happy birthday with my friends and we went to see the band Marching Church play. I, as expected, was rather in love with the pretty lead singer Elias and spent the next two days absolutely glowing. I felt quite at ease in close proximity to my friends and the salacious, but drunk, Elias. Their music triggers the desperately deprived egomaniac within me, so I’ve made a resolution to listen to it everyday. Other than that I felt incredibly sickened by my phone and people in general. There is this undeniable yearning to be cool when you are my age. It is starting to make me feel really stupid and really bored. I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible. I guess overall my birthday has made me feel more angst (I didn’t think that was possible). I’ve found myself cursing and brooding in school and recklessly hyper everywhere else. There isn’t any Jake Ryan for me (in fact I don’t even know too many people with cars) and there has been a lot of Truman Capote and Anaïs Nin. My days have been filled with getting rid of things and being dramatic. I guess it is good that I’m starting to hate American culture and whatnot. Our country is becoming more disgusting by the minute and more uncool (as stupid as that sounds). We’ve developed this obsession with trying too hard and acquiring “friends” and things. It’s turning this all into a very meaningless thing, almost as meaningless as turning sixteen.


  1. Happy belated birthday 🎈 This was a nice read, youre very introspective. Most your age don’t realize their ‘angst’… i didn’t. I agree with you on our society, what a divided mess. Well look at the bright side, at least you aren’t becoming a hoarder. Cool photo shoot as well, pretty good ‘the world is dead’ expression. I think the high waisted pants were hip looking… did you borrow that look from Elias? However real rockers commit 100% so maybe you should have dyed you eyebrows pink as well!? Ha. I look fwd to further posts… and using google to understand some of those big words 😉

  2. Happy birthday Campergirl!
    I know I’m much older than you, but I too remember all too well the disenchanted aftermath of my sixteen birthday! Thank you for putting it in perspective for all the 16-to-be out there. Remember that life is an adventure with many rewards along the
    way. (Not just on your 16th) please blog more often!

  3. Nice pictures and look! Sorry for your rough week, but at least you have matching purses for each arm now. You are doing amazing things! Keep fighting through it. Things will get better.🐿

  4. It’s smart of you to reflect on so-called coolness. Be post cool like your super cool (post) aunt! Love these pics and I spied one piece Jessie.;)

    The coolest thing you can do is just beeee yourself. (Genie from Aladdin)

    You’re definitely the coolest teen I know. Also the pootiest. Love you and never forget January 28th.

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