Season of the Witch







































(Trying to be the pumpkin gif)

Hello everyone! I have been busy with school and trying to pretend I have a very demanding social life. Sometimes it is good to have a balance between caring too little and caring too much. I don’t claim that I have reached this pinnacle yet, but I’ve been rather preoccupied with things other than grades which has resulted in making me feel less stressed. To fill my mind I have been thinking a lot about David Bowie and grappling with the idea that I will never be an artist or ever be cool (like ever).

On a brighter note everyone is celebrating genocide today, but fortunately that means I don’t have school. I already am up to date on Paradise Kiss, Stranger Things and American Horror Story, so I have no idea what I’m going to do! 

The dress I made in the pictures above is my newest labor of love. I wore it to Comic Con in the lovely rainy weather. There I spent money on food but got one piece of pop surrealist art to make me feel more cultured. Besides the inevitable self-loathing and usual stubbornness, my life has been decent. I’ve challenged myself to make a cohesive collection of clothing to prove that I won’t be homeless or in a cubicle in the future. So far it isn’t going well because I’m incredibly lazy so I’m trying to accept the idea that I should just become a monk and die at the ripe age of 34. 

X Chloe


  1. Great photo on the ladder and I love your dress! You are a cutie! Great job focusing on a collection, stay gang. Gang 4 lyfe. Swan out.

  2. Awesome photos and design! Very Skeezicks! Are you a good witch or a bad witch? I think female monks are usually called nuns. I hope you enjoy Halloween!

  3. Love the dress you made! Liked the way you styled the shoot too. Whimsical and wicked, I’m bewitched!

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