✨Anime Princess with Dahlia Fashion✨

Recently I had the privilege of teaming up with adorable clothing line Dahlia. They sent me a dress that answered all my sailor dreams. I think a sailor dress is almost an essential so I’m thrilled that I have a very chic one to call my own.

I also have been in San Francisco. It’s really cold but at least I can cry over Lolita shops. I went to Haight street and spent all my money on 1950s dresses. I saw a black and white 1920s dress that was $300 so I convinced myself it was very like emphysema. San Francisco is pretty much a blogger’s dream because I found not one but two pink walls! (I’m a freak so blank walls get me really excited) Today I got my ears pierced for the first time (even though I’m an old lady). I think I’ll probably get lots more piercings so I look less wimpy. To finish this post off I’ll just say that I really miss my rabbits and I am literally considering never turning 16 and being a sophomore (summer should never end).

X Chloe


  1. Cool stye Chlo! You could be an awesome fasion blogger… wait, you already are! Keep up the trend setting content!

  2. Great post and pictures! I think you should look forward to the greater freedom that can come with age.

  3. Pretty in pink! I agree with hammy’s uncle. There are great things that come with age, especially more independence!

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