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To cure boredom dye your hair pink. Recently I went into Shampoo B and began the process of becoming pink. First I turned into a very dirty white rabbit then I had a sort of grape pompadour. In the end I looked like Yuno Gasai and was very pleased. I think if you want to do something big with your hair you should go for it. I gave a lot of thought to my hair and really love the mix of peachy and icy pinks.

On Tuesday I got to see The Last Shadow Puppets and I am still in shock by how close I was to the tight pants clad Alex Turner. Besides being absolutely enamored with Alex’s booty swaying I loved when him and Miles did a David Bowie cover. My life is now complete. I decided I’m going to become a notorious groupie because I love the zeal you get from a really exceptional concert. Now that I’ve got pink hair I’m really terrifying (or I’d like to think I am). At the concert I may or may not have got in a fight. Maybe I developed some of Yuno’s ruthlessness along with her hair color. All I know is I’d definitely protect Alex Turner with a kantana if I had the chance.

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  1. Feisty Pink Warrior is what you are. Keeping Gotham safe from unsavory misfits with no class and giant egos. Thank you Pinky Warrior for defending my honor. 👏👏👏

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