💕Asirah of the Runway Clique💕

Hi everyone recently I had the pleasure of doing a collab with Asirah of Runway Clique! Her interview with me is Here!

I asked her some questions to get insight into her bright and fun style!!

What’s your name, age and blog?

💗My name is Asirah, I’m 15 and my blog is called Runway Clique.

How would you describe your style?

💗My style is all over the place honestly! I wear whatever I feel, but if I had to choose a word to describe it, it would be comfy yet fancy.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

💗 Ohh that would be plain white t-shirts and ripped jeans!

Where do you like to shop?

💗 H&M and Forever21.

What’s your key to styling the perfect outfit? 

💗The key to styling a perfect outfit is to choose what you’re comfortable wearing. Once you’ve gotten it, try mixing and matching it with other pieces and choose the best one.

What is essential when taking blog/Instagram photos?

💗 Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. Lighting is very important and also the background. A plain coloured background gives it a minimal look and content is also very important.

Who is your style inspiration?

💗My style inspo is Sara Donaldson, fashion blogger of Harper and Harley and also Youtuber  Jenn Im.

What type of clothing do you own the most of?

💗 That would be sweaters ahaha!

What fashion era is your favorite?

💗 I guess the 90s really interests me and also the 60s !!

What is your favorite couture brand? 

💗 Ugh I love Marc Jacobs so much!

Who is your favorite current “it girl” fashion wise?

💗My fave blogger at the moment and probably till forever is Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three!! Such a brilliant person.

What’s your key to accessorizing? 

💗Don’t go overboard when accessorizing. Make sure it stands out but not too much.

Who made you love fashion?

💗 It would actually be my sisters! I’m the youngest in the family and my age gap with them is pretty far, so I would be really influenced in what they were wearing especially when I was younger. Even now, I still borrow their clothes and ask for their opinions.

So go check out Asirah’s blog and Instagram because she is sure to be you outfit inspiration go to!!!!

I love this outfit so much!!!!!!💕💗💕


  1. Awesome collab! You guys are adorable. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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