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My brain has been malfunctioning lately due to frustration. I often find myself completely incompetent because I’ve got a 40 page to-do list in my head. The manner in which we go about a list of tasks usually determines how much we get done. Recently I’ve been trying to write everything I need to accomplish in a rather enticing sparkly blue notebook. I have yet to decide whether this is working or not. However, I have been posting (somewhat) more regularly on this here blog and almost everyday on my tumblr and Instagram. I’ve also managed to increase the likelihood of my mum becoming a professional photographer by buying some enormous soft boxes. This post was especially fun to create because I am wearing a Lazy Oaf dress. Lazy Oaf is probably my favorite brand but sadly I’ve spent all my mum’s life savings on Sonny Angels so I can’t afford it! Luckily I found this  little cow-colored dress at the thrift store and knew immediately it was Lazy Oaf. I am enamored by thrift stores because of their similarity to blind toy boxes (like Moofias and Sonnys are in). When you search through the racks you could possibly find treasures! The gambler that lives inside of me truly contrasts from my to-do listing self, but I believe finding a balance of both helps avoid chaos while still welcoming spontaneity.

x Chloe

Wearing: Lazy Oaf dress, J.Crew shoes


  1. I love to do lists, especially when I can cross them out. Unfortunately I lose them faster than I can do them?! But I’d rather be reading your blog (any day) which is delightful!

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