Street Style Issue 1

Hello everyone this is the first issue of my street style series. This series will be shown in a magazine format and is to serve as outfit inspiration. I really love summer so my cute outfits will be abundant so hopefully ‘the style issue’  will be well loved. The outfit above screams angel to me only because of the flowy skirt that is lined with gold threads. I think a staple outfit is one like this or any long tutu skirt with a tiny top. This way you can mope around looking like a rather upset fairy princess while still staying cool.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with the Konmari method. I realized that I had so much unnecessary things that didn’t mean much to me. It has always been really hard for me to part with things but the Konmari method has really helped me become like my grandma, and detach myself more from material things and be better about decluttering. However, I always think hard about an item because I’d hate to regret chucking something later on. I recommend that everyone checks out Marie Kondo’s videos (especially the folding ones, they are so meticulous and wonderful). I’m still working to make my life 100% cute and rid of all the things that are only moderately cute. For a style nomad like myself this proves especially hard because I might be into boho later on again! ANYWAYS I really hope that everyone took something away from this post, but if not I totally endorse Moofia Blind Boxes (along with my everlasting love: sonny angels) so you can love milk and still be vegan.

Wearing Brandy Melville top, Topshop pink pom pom hair tie on bag, Juno skirt and Bass x Rachel Antonoff shoes.



  1. I think you should send some of your pictures to a modeling agency along with your height 😀

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