Pinafores, Swans and H&M




Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been obsessed with the brand Vivetta. They have a theme of swans and whimsicality. I, unfortunately, am not yet a millionaire so I created a look merely inspired by Vivetta. I ventured to H&M still looking like the godfather (I lost some wisdom recently) and reciting “you come to me asking for a favor…” I’ve always really liked H&M (in fact yesterday I try to squeeze into size 7 kids pair of pink overalls) but now I am in love because I found a pinafore!!! Pinafores, like overalls, are insanely comfortable and are the definition of effortless. I went home and took the wonderful swan fabric I got from Mood and conjured up a shirt with ruffle sleeves to make me feel like an angel. This outfit is perfect for me because it is what I consider a toned down version of “Chloe really wants to live in a Wes Anderson film.” I’d probably wear this outfit to garden (as if I do that) and then cry about a dirt stain. I’d also imagine myself drinking the very same Birthday Cake Milkshake I had yesterday and feeling very bloated and very chic. Anyways I hope you enjoy probably one of the worst paragraphs I’ve ever written and remember that swans hiss and might try to kill you.





Handmade shirt, H&M pinafore, Bamboo Shoes


Photos by Anthony Sclafani



  1. “I have a favor to ask…. Can you make me one too?” Moohahaha…
    Great photos and outfit!

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