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Right now I resemble a squirrel or a chipmunk. Half of my face looks like it’s storing a jawbreaker and I have stitches in my mouth. But nobody wants to hear about my love for laughing gas or my lack of wisdom, so I will talk about my recent obsession with cows. I think they are super cute and I find milk (yes, the drink) very chic (because I’m a freak). I ventured to Mood searching high and low for zebra print but t’was the cow that caught my eye. This all led to the making of the top and shorts featured in the pictures above. I think my fascination with cows actually is because of my lack of cows. The sonny angel cow is one of my favorites and even though I have over 100 sonny angels the cow has not come my way (*spoiled tears). Anyways none of what I’m writing has a point other than the fact that I love cows and so I made an outfit so I could go in a pasture and pretend to be one. The end.

p.s. Don’t eat cows by the way.

From Chloe


Wearing handmade cow outfit

Kate spade sweater

Elf shimmer face whip on my eyes in Pink Lemonade to look vampy (!Cruelty Free!)



  1. Awesome design! Having grown up fairly close to a lot of cows I think they are great too! The dairy farms do have a lot of methane smells though.

  2. Moo moo more! I love your home-made outfits. So cute. When do I get one?

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