Girl + Bunny = Rainbow

Bunnies for some reason are associated with Easter (maybe because they go well with pastels). Since I don’t have a little dog I like to take my bunnies for walks. Looking stylish while doing so always makes it better. My bunnies like being outside and get lots of attention. Jacque (bunny in the photos) loves to pose, so we ventured outside in a little outfit I made. As for accessories, Jacque sports a pink harness and leash (pink is unisex) and I am wearing some slippers that were frequent in my childhood and now made fashionable by Balenciaga. In other random ramblings Armani is now fur free which is perfect for all the lovelies on earth. I went to my first casting for modeling and have been watching the X-files. I got a cow shirt (which I worship) from Buffalo Exchange and have much more stuff for this neglected blog of mine. I now have 700 followers on Instagram (a humble amount), but this might equate to something rather exciting. Lastly, it is Easter!

Wearing: thrifted jacket, 99 cent shoes, handmade outfit + bunny




  1. Nice editorial of your outfit and bunny! Bunny is better than any Chanel bag! Happy Easter!

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