The Undecided Honey Bunny


Recently I’ve been thinking about a lot of things. I’ve been thinking about how I almost never leave the house and how I don’t have a particular style at all. My views on life are usually always cynical, strong and entirely my own, but as for my style– I am not sure at all. Fashion itself is something that is completely stolen from the past and the best kind of fashion is literally stolen from the past. Vintage clothing has transported me to many different times and sometimes people look at me funny for wearing a billowy 70s dress. “Why are you wearing blue eyeshadow?” I mean I am the kind of person who likes dressing modern and monochromatic one day and like a glitter bunny the next. People keep telling me I will “find my style,” but honestly that’s insulting because I’m very keen on the idea that I know who I am, and not knowing what my style is is my style. My style is dressing however I feel or in coordination with whoever inspires me (usually Wes Anderson and Clueless.) I guess this explains the vastness of my closet and the undeniable insanity that occurs when I have nothing that makes me feel like Frenchie from Grease. I know that people rely the idea of building a brand and having a style, but I rely on the fact that I am undecided in every possible way. And everyone’s style is influenced by society and what is on trend anyway (although I still wish to wear frosty makeup.) Everyone is told to look older now (except for me.) I’m trying not to mind getting coloring books at restaurants and then getting mistakenly served alcohol at another. I mean makeup and clothes have a magical ability (although none of it is particularly important.) Then again, nothing is actually important in the grand scale of things (except for Leo winning an Oscar.)


  1. I love the 2 photos that I can see. Why won’t my phone display the others? Time to upgrade the phone. But you are already perfect, no upgrades necessary. Xoxo

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