Bunny Beauty: Cruelty free makeup

IMG_2887IMG_2902IMG_1220IMG_1222IMG_1221image1image1image1 2image2Other animals are cute and lovely so we should not hurt them. I mean look at my bunnies they are my only friends. My babies are adopted from a shelter and they are likely New Zealand Whites which are most frequently tested on. It’s easy to go cruelty free. These products prove that you can still be an angelic unicorn without harming anybody.

  1. Wet n’ Wild “Groupie” GLITTER TO MAKE YOU A UNICORN
  2. 100 percent pure Cherry Sorbet Lip gloss VERY GOOEY AND STICKY BUT NATURAL ENOUGH FOR BUNNIES TO EAT *not recommended for bunny consumption– discontinued
  3. Coconut oil hair stuff??? SMELLS LIKE BONDI
  4. 100 percent pure Mauvette blush PINK AND PLUMMY 
  5. Fresh // Sugar lipstick “Sugar Rosé” SUPER GOOEY AND SWEET
  6. see 4
  7. E.l.f. Bronzer GOLDEN LIKE C3PO
  8. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo
  9. see 8
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