A Valentine for Chanel
























I’ve always been the kind of person that is anti-Valentine’s Day. It is understandable from the “shove your singularity into your face” standpoint and also from the idea that Valentine’s Day is society’s way of sugar-coating and falsifying everything. St. Valentine got hanged. That is what were honoring with chocolates and pink hearts. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a complete cynic when it comes to pink hearts and chocolate. Those are nice things, but also stupid things. It would be more worthwhile to have a national holiday where people actually respect animals for once in their Canada Goose wearing lives. Or maybe a holiday for pride in a culture where there is 100% less cultural appropriation going on. Or even just a holiday where we show compassion for things. If Earth Day was as big a deal as Valentine’s Day maybe things would be different. Anyways I’m getting off track. Chanel has always been my love. I love many other designer brands. I justify loving them and their animal cruelty with the truth that I’ll never actually own anything from them. And they definitely don’t need me to make cheesy Valentine’s Day cards (reminiscent of the stupid things we had to do in primary school) to keep their fashion houses running. I’m pretty sure if Chanel (or Lucky Blue) was actually my Valentine I probably would like Valentine’s Day. So I guess, once again, it’s all objective. *Remember if you feel bad about being alone and chocolate-less on Valentine’s Day, at least you aren’t babysitting tonight like me.


  1. Love the pictures! Chanel should give you a free bag. Maybe you can send them a link 😉

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