The Camper Girls ss17: Uno

These photos (taken by Ian) are of one of newest creations. This outfit was mostly a happy accident. The bathing suit material was proving quite unbearable, but I persevered because I really really wanted to pretend I could get something off an ss16 runway. So, this “garment,” ended up exactly how I wanted (surprisingly). It reminds me of a wearable version (although I’d wear a gown everyday if I could) of the monochromatic ss06 Dior and ss16 spring Dior. It is funny though, because when ss06 Dior (probably spring) had its debut I was only five. Ten years later, I am still stuck on the past. Well fashion is pretty much that. It is taking what has been done before and improving it (or making it worse). Hopefully I’ll be able to wear real “off the runway” clothing and fulfill my dream of front row Instagram pictures at Chanel.

A girl, almost younger than me, living the dream. Dior Spring 2016
The almost laughable Christian Dior 2006


  1. Awesome pictures and post! You are quite the informed design diva! Great job on the outfit, I love the ruffled seams.

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