Flower Fetuses


These pictures are from an old old photo shoot. I never posted it for some weird reason, but now that these pictures are not present-day Chloe I might as well post them. I was 12 in these pictures. Being 12 was full of Rookie Magazine and DIY nonsense. Now, 12 year olds are wearing body con dresses (not to sound like an old woman or anything) and dating. Nothing is wrong with that, well maybe it’s just a little weird, but here I am, with my 5 foot frame and pink braces (still), wondering how the hell time passed. Getting older is kind of like falling asleep (in contrast to John Green’s simile). You don’t think you’ll ever get there, but then you do and then you can’t remember the feeling till it starts all over again. I mean it is stupid in a way–wishing to get older–, because after all it just means what’s socially expected of you sucks more than before. I can’t feel okay dressing in themed outfits anymore (i.e. 100% frog, ice cream cone outfit with matching hair ties and everything). I don’t get as much free stuff (the worse one yet) and I’m more conscious about practically everything. I don’t think I’ve changed too much since 7th grade besides style wise (for this changes more than anything). Maybe I’ve got a little more angst and a lot less optimism, or maybe I’m just the kind of person who doesn’t change. A part (well a big part) of me is still a bubblegum pink flower baby who loves posing (horribly).

Ft. Me (photographer), Hannah and Klaire (photographer)

Klaire: 1970s dress, diy flower crown

Hannah: Vintage

Me: 1970s children’s dress, diy crown, dollar store shoes


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  1. Nice pictures and post. There are a lot of good things about being older too though! The braces will be gone soon!

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