Halloween was ages ago, but it feels like yesterday. I’m having trouble not feeling bored nowadays. It’s not just because I am home 24/7, but just because I’m drawn to anything disheartening. Sometimes I think memories can be funny. Although I usually only laugh at things because I am cynical, sometimes life is laughable in a joyful way. This memory is funny because it is so weird. (a little boy chased us around asking to play hide and seek) And nighttime makes anything feel like York peppermint pattie fueled craziness. (the same little boy said he hoped we fell off the monkey bars is a malevolent tone) I’m posting this really late not only because I want it to be a funny memory, but because I am trying to fulfill this boredom slump with as much creativity as possible. I know that makes no sense at all, but life doesn’t make sense. But maybe, for once, I won’t try to figure it out.


  1. Creativity can defintely help. I fell off the monkey bars once. It was not fun or creative.

  2. Trick or treat, little boys and be both. Nice to see Camper girl sharing her thoughts, it’s always enjoyable.

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