A Week in Style: Bad Mirror Selfies 



Trying to be a city girl:

  Chanel bag ;), Hollister jacket, UO shirt, AG Jeans

UO top hand-embrodiered by myself, Topshop pants, Disney crystal doughnut necklace  

   Tiffany’s necklace, Paloma Picasso bag, UO jumper

sparkle & fade sweater, AG jeans 

 thrifted top, J.crew shoes

 Forever 21 dress altered by myself, Prada backpack, Korks shoes




Gap top, Acne Jeans, Chloé necklace from off the runway


Alice & Olivia dress



Wonky face, thrifted chicken bag, UO jelly shoes and blazer, Yumi leggings, Margret by be cool top 

      Right now I’m sitting in my macaron pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt (cause all my tops are dirty) watching Candidly Nicole. Outside it is raining and not the romantic British kind of rain, but a disgusting scary type of rain (the kind that scares Sonny Angels).

I really wanted to do a week in casual style, but with the recent chaos that is my life, I haven’t managed to take any decent photos. So, I decided to draw on the pictures because that’s what you do when you take grainy photos. This week I was trying to look like I actually am a New Yorker. These days, although I live in my black quilted boots, I look like a French girl on most days. But who says you have to have your own style? Why can’t your style be versatile? Maybe my ideas are just crazy after all I do own a chicken bag.


  1. You’re so freaking cool, why wasn’t I this chill at your age?!? Love the outfits and especially love the chicken bag. Add a pic of that please!!

  2. Awesome photos! You should get a chicken wallet to go in the chicken bag.

  3. Can I borrow your clothes?? Too bad I’m not the same size…. You have the best style for such a young lady.

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