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Hello whoever still reads this sad excuse for a blog. High school not only brings a new school, but a new lifestyle; it brings a Blaire Waldorf kind of feel to my life. So since things are new and I’m really, really trying not to be so inexcusably lazy, this blog is GOING to be posted on.

To kick-off this new-era (the 100th time I’ve claimed I will start over) I have these pictures. I think the poor editing and giant diy fluff balls are setting your expectations low. Do not worry, because this is all part of my plan to make this blog show my true alien self.

I now sell my pink pom-poms on my poorly curated Depop: @thecampergirls.

So, if you want a discount please message me with this code (shrimp4lyfe) before buying and maybe subscribe to my blog while you’re at it.



credits to me and to google for the background image for the first 2 photos


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