The 60s & 70s ~ Gogo boots, floral patterns, disco, and platform shoes

Dress- random uniform brand, Cover (jacket)- vintage {acquired from mom}
Necklace- vintage {from garage sale}
Knee socks- school uniform
Platform shoes- brand: leifsdottir

I have always loved the 60s and 70s. I love vintage clothing. I feel that every time I where vintage clothing I am a new person with more confidence. I try to imagine the person who once wore this unique piece of clothing and of course I love the look.
The 60s & 70s have a feel that is strange, it is a mix of organic beautiful gauzy clothing and things that are borderline costume.
The pre-hippie clothes and reinvented retro furniture make me love this era and vintage clothes more.

20130325-225324.jpg ( Gogo boots; found on google)

Gogo boots: I am dying to get a pair. They have a look that complements colors of the era such as orange and red. They have a plastic look that is an iconic symbol of the 60s & 70s. I believe shoes are the key point in getting that lovely look.

(From a department store)

Platform shoes have come back and can be seen a lot today. I love when they come in bright colors and even pastels. Many famous designers try to redo platform shoes, but staying to the classic look is the best.

Overall fashion today is merely inspired by past styles and fashion. My obsession for vintage fashion comes from my curiosity of fashion. I believe your personality can be reflected through what you wear. So I encourage everyone to be loud and unique with their clothing!


  1. I like vintage clothes because it has a lot of soul. It represents a time period and ideology. So fun to mix and match the old with the new. Cute pictures 🙂

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